New Solas regulation

As from 1 July 2016 there will be a new SOLAS-law related to the weight of containers. SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea-convention) is most important international agreement for safety at sea. In this agreement borders are described about the requirements of construction, equipment and crew, depends of location of ship. More information you can find on the site; The new regelation requires that all transported containers by sea has to be weight exactly. When VGM (Verified Gross Mass) or documentation isn’t correct, laws are offended and container will be not loaded.

As from July 1st

Weight of container needs to be known. One day before loading, carrier has to be informed about the gross weight of container. Without verified gross weight, container will be not loaded on ship.

Shipper is responsible for getting the VGM and makes document with this info. The VGM needs to be cleared mentioned on the documents of shipper and signed by person, authorized by company.

As your logistics partner, we are proactively started working with this change. For groupage shipments in the warehouse  we will invest in mobile forklifts and with our current weigh platform we can weigh our own containers and containers of third in Rotterdam-Botlek.

If you choose for method number 2 you can download and fill in this form.

With kind regards,

The SOLAS-implementation team,
Neele-Vat Logistics