Fiscal Representation

“A fiscal representative with a general license acts on behalf of a non-resident company with respect to all its supplies of goods and services for which Dutch VAT is due, intra-Community acquisitions of goods and the import of goods.”

Doing business The Dutch Way

Neele-Vat Logistics can solve your VAT problems when importing your goods to Europe. LFR means you do not have to pay any VAT at the moment of import and you can act if you have an own European identity.


Neele-Vat Logistics is a strategic partner if you are doing business in Europe. Neele-Vat Logistics has an excellent relationship with the tax authorities and with Dutch Customs. Neele-Vat Logistics has  the right skills, knowledge and experience of LFR to make Europe your gateway to economic success. In combination with our knowledge and expertise of warehousing, distribution and logistics your business activities will be in good hands.

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